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A world-class MBA program introduced by London Metropolitan University Online for India & neighboring nations.

MBA Degree

After course completion, you are not just awarded degree but also get additional benefits like skills enhancement programs, career growth opportunities and international networking.

Global Recognition

London Metropolitan University ranks among world's top 3% universities that opens a door to whole new range of career opportunities for you.

180,000+ Graduates

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MBA was never this easy


Work - study life balance is not easy but with Online Executive MBA Program from your favorite international university specially curated for working professionals is now a reality. Enrol Now with an online MBA Program for a world-class distance learning experience.

There is a reason why it is sometimes called a ‘Weekend MBA Program’ – you can attend lectures at the weekend, or watch a recording, and study and work on assignments at the time that suits you. If you devote more time an energy to your distance learning MBA, you can end up with an Distance Learning MBA degree in only 12 months! Or, you can pace yourself, take one module at a time, and complete your degree at in a time-frame that works for you.

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The best online MBA program is the one that gives you knowledge and desired results at your convenient pace. You probably want to study at a reputable university and make sure your Executive MBA Program is

internationally recognised. Perhaps you’re looking to study at a UK university to get a taste of global education in English. An Online MBA Degree in UK can be pricey, therefore make sure you find a affordable distance learning MBA degree. It is not all about the tuition fees – it is also about what payment plans, finance options and discounts are available.

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With the best Executive MBA for Working professionals, you can work at your own pace and complete your course in a timeframe that suits you. As long as you have good access to internet you can study at anytime, anywhere.

With London Met University Online, online education – like your ambition – knows no bounds.

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Study Executive & Distance Learning Course online in UK: Why MBA?

Career market

London Metropolitan University Online offers a super affordable MBA Program especially curated for working professionals. With the increasing worldwide popularity, this program offers you convenience, flexibility and affordability. The program is especially designed for corporate professional so they can easily manage their time to complete the course

It is a global world

London Met Online MBA is a great opportunity to develop these skills and widen your horizons. You may have clear goals and ideas of what you want to achieve, or you may need a little more guidance before focusing on a specific role or industry – we are here to help! Contact our friendly course advisors for a chat or Download our Course Guide for more information.

Students get ECA's education support 24x7 or You can write to us via or for urgent queries contact us.

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Upskilling is a marathon, not a sprint

London Met Online offers an Online MBA to students aspiring for a global career in business and management. You don’t need a prior business management degree to apply for the MBA programme. However, you will need sufficient work experience to be able to contribute insights in class discussions and engage with your peers.

Education doesn’t have to and shouldn’t end with a certificate or a degree. Online masters from UK universities are often tailored to working professionals who will be able to apply their work experience to their study. If you’re not sure you meet the entry requirements, get in touch – we’re here to help.

Benefits of joining this course

Learn from London Metropolitan Online leading faculties

Established in 1848, London Metropolitan University is ranked amoung top 800 universities in the world. London Metropolitan University offers you this opportunity to become a part of a prestigious educational journey of 174 years.

Get world-class learning with a lower tuition fee

Experience the same top-quality education as your on-campus counterparts while paying significantly less in tuition fees. Take advantage of flexible payment options! Choose the plan that's right for you and pay tuition fee either upfront or in monthly installments (up to 24 months).

Enjoy maximum flexibility

Work at your own pace, integrate online learning with your schedule, and build the skills to advance your career while maintaining an ideal work-life balance.

Leverage global business skills to make a regional impact.

Benefit from curriculum, case studies, data resources that are optimized to reflect the business opportunities and challenges in your region and in relevant emerging markets.

International Internship Program

Experience working with world's top organizations with students from around the globe virtually to upskill yourself and gain international corporate knowledge.

University Study Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Can postgraduate degrees & courses be done online?

Absolutely! London Met Online MBA and MSc-IBPM are 100% online.

How does studying with London Met Online work?

With London Met Online MBA and MSc-IBPM a normal week is composed of up to 30 hours of study including webinars, tutorials, online facilitation and self-study. Online synchronous (i.e. face-to-face) delivery is on weekends, asynchronous delivery happens during the week. Students can log in and access all learning materials online.

How much is postgraduate study in the UK?

Tuition fees are market dependent as we are charging different rates for 3 different regions. Find out more on our Finance Options webpage:

Is postgraduate free in the UK?

Not the courses we are offering, however, we have several affordable payment options and plans that can help you achieve your post-graduate qualifications:

Why should I choose distance learning postgraduate courses with London Met Online?

Delivered by EOL, the online learning division of ECA, London Met Online programmes give you access to expert tutors, excellent learning resources and is designed to provide students with a world-class education.

We put your job prospects and flexibility needs at the heart of our online courses curriculum and timetables. Our industry-oriented postgraduate courses are aligned with your career goals and adapted to incorporate the changing needs of the industry and current business market.

Furthermore, London Met Online MBA and MSc-IBPM are 100% online, affordable, and self-paced so that your work and life balance isn’t disrupted.

Do you need help navigating a London Met Online Program?

Contact us and talk to a consultant from your desired department for friendly guidance. We’ll get back you as soon as possible, during regular office hours.